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2014 Grants and Scholarships

Travel for National Championships: In support of Northwest high school and collegiate sailors as they compete on the national stage, The Sailing Foundation provides grants to teams representing the Northwest in national championships. The grants support part of the team’s airfare.

The following teams received grants in 2014:

  • British Columbia Women's Sailing Team
  • Bainbridge Island HS Sailing Team
  • Sehome HS Sailing Team (Bellingham area)
  • Oregon State University Sailing Team
  • University of Washington Sailing Team

Boat Transport Support: A grant was given to the Northwest Interscholastic Sailing Association to pay ferry fares and travel expenses for teams to bring their own fleet of boats to "away" regattas, to enable more boats to be on the starting line at each Northwest District high school sailing regatta during Spring, 2014.

Scholarhip Program: So far this year, scholarships have been awarded to four youths who participated in a learn-to-sail program or a High School Sailing Team program. Support was also provided to Katie Stephens of Bellingham who attended a US Sailing-sponsored Adaptive Sailing clinic in Texas.

Reports from 2014 Grant/Scholarship Recipients

Sehome High School Sailing Team

Dear Members of The Sailing Foundation,

Thank you for donating money to the Sehome Sailing team. Your support meant that we were able to travel and compete in the Mallory Cup. What an amazing experience! We all learned so much, it was an unforgettable trip. We feel very fortunate to be able to compete at this level. It was such an incredible experience to meet sailors from all over the nation. We are so grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much for supporting our team!

Sincerely, Shea
[Written by Shea Walker on behalf of Liam Hood, Riley Allsop, Shea Walker, Jeffrey Werner, Miles Johanessen, Elise Chambers and Scott Wilson. Thanks!]

Scholarship Recipient Sam Justis

Hi, this is Sam Justis

I received your scholarship for sailing lessons this last summer. I had a great time, thank you for your help. I have since been sailing many times on my grandpa's small sail boat. I can't get enough. I know it will be a hobby that I will always have, thank you again for that. Next summer my goal is to attend Sea Scouts, this will lead into my long term goal of joining the US Coast Guard.

Thank You Note from Katie Stephens

Read a thank-you letter from Katie and learn more about what her goals are for adaptive sailing in Bellingham.